Sentence Four years for conspiracy to commit murder. She hired a hit-man to bump off one of her husband's business rivals.

Background Yvonne managed a betting-shop before marrying London gangster, Charlie Atkins (now deceased). Mum to Ritchie (also now deceased) and Lauren who now runs the family 'business'.

Profile Yvonne is as tough as nails; a working-class girl made rich through her husband, Charlie's, criminal gains. Her moral code is simple: don't mess with her or hers - or take the consequences.

Yvonne has money and influence. Because things have been easy for her, she has learned to expect to get everything she wants, and when people get in her way, she can be ruthless. But there's a generous and warm side to Yvonne. She's a good friend to the other inmates and always willing to protect the more vulnerable from G-Wing's bullies.

Although uneducated, Yvonne has a razor-sharp brain and it is this intelligence that makes her such a danger to the screws. She has the ability to turn even the most hopeless situation to her advantage... well, nearly always.

Last seen... Pleading for her life after being locked into the disused hanging cell by Jim fenner (s5ep16). Her body was found six weeks later (s6ep1).