Senior Medical Officer

Background Became a psychiatrist after qualifying as a doctor. Once married to a fellow medical student, but she left Thomas for his best friend.

Profile Thomas is everything that Dr Nicholson isn't. He's charming, good-looking, and compassionate. He makes the ideal replacement as SMO: he's not just another 'NHS reject'. He's gentle and humane when treating a patient and has a practical, common-sense way of looking at things.

Thomas is always willing to go that little bit further to help an inmate out, and this is one of the many qualities that attracted Helen Stewart. On the surface they seemed well-suited, but Thomas's past experiences have made him hyper-cautious where serious relationships are concerned. He just can't shake that little niggling doubt about Helen's emotional commitment.

Last seen...

Confronting Helen about her relationship with Nikki and then bowing out gracefully when he realised that he couldn't compete (s3ep16).ur article here!