NEPO (New Entrant PO)

Background Joined the prison service to be with her girlfriend, Kris Yates, who was sentenced to life imprisonment for the murder of her father.

Profile The daughter of middle-class liberal parents, Selena has all of the confidence and social skills of a child brought up amidst stimulating and indulgent adult company. As a result, she's up for anything and afraid of nothing. With her classless Estuary accent and vivacious personality, she is a popular addition amongst the woman of G-Wing, unfazed by any of them and verbally able to give as good as she gets.

Selena can't help responding to people who find her attractive and pay her attention - flirtation is her first language - and because of this, Fenner thinks she's his kind of woman, until he finds out about her relationship with Kris.

Last seen... Protesting with Kris on the top of the Wellington Arch (s6ep12).