Sentence Five years for fraud. She and partner-in-crime, Bev Tull sold shares in a non-existent Costa del Sol golf course and ran bogus charities in aid of Spanish orphans.

Background Phyl's father was a knighted General in the Army so she spent most of her childhood travelling. Married three times, the first was a professional tennis player, the second was a racing-car driver and the third, an ex-golf pro who deserted her for a younger model.

Profile Just like her fellow 'Costa Con', Bev, Phyl is capable of conning her own mother out of her last fifty pence piece. Having always lived the life of the idle-rich, she has no qualms about conning even the most vulnerable - it's not her fault that they're too stupid to know any better and anyway, how else is she supposed to support the lifestyle to which she's become accustomed?

Despite all this, Phyl does have a few good qualities: she's intelligent, good-humoured, and fun to be around (providing she's not conning you out of your life-savings). She's also fiercely protective of Bev.

Phyl is rather good technically. She can rewire electricals, set up booby traps, and strip down an engine in no time. While she's the analytical, scientific half of the partnership, Bev is the arty one.

Last seen... Celebrating Christmas with her fellow inmates on G-Wing (s8ep11).&nbsp