Sentence Life: she stabbed her abusive boyfriend to death.

Background Grew up in a Catholic children's home where she was a victim of abuse.

Profile Pat's whole life has been a cycle of abuse and violence ever since she became one of the victims of a predatory priest and his accomplice nun at the Catholic children's home she grew up in.

At the age of sixteen, Pat suffered a breakdown and was prescribed diazepam. This was for her a paradoxical stimulation, which increased aggression, anger and violence in her behaviour. No one would listen to her when she recognised the drugs as the culprit, and to this day she has no trust in doctors or anyone in authority.

Pat is a woman who knows what she wants and when she sees it, she gets it. She also loves a laugh and can hold her own with both men and women, but cross her and you're on her list. She's streetwise, tough as nails and proud of her intelligence. In other words, she has all the makings of a top-dog.

Last seen... Celebrating Christmas with her fellow inmates on G-Wing (s8ep11).