Nikki Wade

Portrayed by

Mandana Jones

First Appearance

Episode 1.1

Last Appearance

Episode 3.16


Life for Murder



Background Edit

Nikki was brought up by middle-class parents; her father is a senior naval officer and her mother a gin-and-bridge navy wife. Her brother is a solicitor who is married. She was expelled from boarding school for 'lesbian activities', which caused her family to reject her. Before prison she ran a gay bar with her girlfriend Trisha.

Sentence Edit

Nikki stabbed and killed a policeman who tried to rape her girlfriend Trish. She stabbed him with a broken bottle in the neck. She was found guilty and given a life sentence.

Whilst in Larkhall Edit

An out lesbian, Nikki is an outspoken strong-minded inmate who clashes with new wing governor Helen Stewart (Simone Lahbib) at the start of the series. Hated by Jim Fenner(Jack Ellis), Nikki is respected by most of the other inmates apart from Shell Dockley (Debra Stephenson). The pair frequently clash over Shell's relationship with Fenner and the fact that Nikki is not at all impressed or intimidated by Shell. After being dumped by Trisha, Nikki falls for Helen, but their relationship has many ups and downs. Nikki escapes from Larkhall in the Series 2 finale and the pair finally make love. However, Helen refuses to run away with Nikki and returns her to prison and ends their relationship. Nikki organises a peaceful protest when some of the officers brutally restrain Femi Bada, a non-English speaking inmate that is separated from her kids. This soon escalates into a riot and Helen ends their relationship once again but continues to help her with her appeal. In the final episode of Series 3, Dr. Waugh breaks up with Helen after realising she is still in love with Nikki and Helen reunites with Nikki on the outside after she wins her appeal.