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Senior Medical Officer.

Background Briefly married to Hollamby.

Profile Malcolm has been nicknamed 'Dr No-No' by the inmates because of his reluctance to prescribe anything stronger than aspirin. However, he's not beyond keeping patients with mental illnesses doped up to the eyeballs because medication makes them easier to deal with. At the end of the day, his position as SMO is just a job. He cares nothing for the inmates and does as little to treat them as he can get away with.

As well as being negligent and lazy, Malcolm is also incompetent and totally lacking in conscience - how else would he be able to cope with all of the times his mistakes have resulted in tragic consequences? On the surface, he's a bungling buffoon, but bubbling under the surface is a devious mind and a dangerous temper... something Sylvia Hollamby very nearly discovered to her cost.

Last seen... Being shot dead by a fugitive Phyl after she came across him attempting to murder Hollamby (s7ep9