Kris Yates

Portrayed by

Jennifer Ness

First Appearance

Episode 5.13

Last Appearance

Episode 6.12


Life for murder


Transferred to another prison

Profile Edit

The second youngest of four daughters, she was a total Daddy’s girl and always took his side over her mother’s. Because of this, Kris and her mother have a strained relationship – and her mother couldn’t forgive Kris for her abusive husband. Kris soon turned against her father when Milly started getting the same abuse her mother was.

A former taxi driver in a long-term relationship with Selena Geeson (Charlotte Lucas), Kris got a shock when Selena turned up in Larkhall as an officer. Kris is street-smart and charismatic, confident and out-and-proud about her sexuality. Working-class and independent, her upbringing helped to make her incredibly sharp and observant, as well as an excellent judge of character.

However, she finds self-scrutiny hard and emotional attachments difficult to form – she wants to rely on no-one but herself, incredibly skeptical of other people’s needs and demands. Arriving in Larkhall determined to earn herself a reputation as someone not to be messed with, she immediately impresses the inmates and puts Sylvia and Jim’s nose out of joint – especially as their authority makes little impression on her.

Kris kept the truth about her father’s murder a secret – and when Selena discovered the truth, she was determined to get Kris free – but it unfortunately lead to Milly’s suicide. Her relationship with Selena crumbled soon after, although they soon made up – after escaping from a prison van, she took to protesting her innocence in a very public protest – and Selena soon joined her.