Karen Betts

Portrayed by

Claire King

First Appearance

Episode 2.2

Last Appearance

Episode 6.12

Job Title

Wing Governor (Series 2 – 3; 5) Principal Officer (Series 4)


Left after clearing her name for the hit and run Fenner tried to frame her for

Background Edit

A former nurse, Karen Betts joined the WRAF aged seventeen before joining a hospital with her nursing qualifications. A divorcee, she has a grown-up son, Ross.

Whilst in Larkhall Edit

Karen Betts became the new Governor of G-Wing after Helen Stewart (Simone Lahbib) resigned. She was tough but fair with the prisoners and was in an on-off relationship with Jim Fenner (Jack Ellis). Fenner later framed her for a hit and run causing her to lose her job. She returned briefly in Series 6, when she discovered CCTV footage of him the night he framed her.