Grade Governor (Grade 1)

Background Originally from an industrial Northern town, Joy joined the army as a squaddie when she was sixteen. Has a daughter, Stella, who she gave up for adoption

Profile Joy's straight down the line attitude hasn't won her any friends in Larkhall. She respects the prisoners, but feels that a healthy dose of discipline is all that is needed to straighten them out - this is also her remedy for most of the POs as well.

Joy has been relentless in her pursuit of knowledge and gained many professional qualifications whilst in the army. It has always been about proving to the world that she is the best at what she does and can turn her hand to anything.

Joy's weakness is pride and being over-sensitive to the slightest criticism. She has no resources to deal with failure or being made fun of. If ever anyone manages to find fault with her she'll lash back with alarming ferocity. And because she can't fail, she has no capacity to distinguish the important battles from the trivial - if she sets out to do anything, then she's put herself on the line and there's no road back.

Last seen... Praising Donny after his quick-thinking prevented Darlene from burning herself to death (s8ep10).