Grade Wing Governor.

Background Previously a Detective Inspector with the Metropolitan Police's vice squad.

Profile Frances is a sharp and sassy 'babe with balls' who dresses to kill in her designer gear, whilst making it crystal clear to men that what they see, isn't necessarily what they can get. Sex is strictly physical for Frances. After losing the love of her life to her sister, love and affection will never again play a part in her life.

As far as her career is concerned, Frances is a woman on a mission. She joined the police to stop nasty bastards wrecking other people's lives, and she joined the Prison Service to stop people with wrecked lives going back for more. She's definitely a woman who thrives on challenges... something she's certain to encounter on G-Wing.

Last seen... Taking flack from the inmates on G-Wing after rumours of Kris's relationship with Selena came to light (s6ep12). Because of her good work at Larkhall, Frances was later given a whole prison of her own to run. &nbsp