Di Barker

Portrayed by

Tracey Wilkinson

First Appearance

Episode 2.4

Last Appearance

Episode 7.13

Job Title

Basic Officer (Series 2-4 & 6-7) Wing Governor (Series 5-6)


Remanded on Custody for the murder of Jim Fenner

Background Edit

Di was working as a full-time PO looking after her bed-ridden mother until the stress took the better of her, and Di beat her mother within an inch of her life.

Sentence Edit

Di was framed by the two Julie's for the murder of Jim Fenner. Julie Johnston was the real murderer. She is currently on remand for his murder at Larkhall.

Whilst at Larkhall Edit

Di is a sympathetic prison officer who often portrays a nasty side. She lives at home with her elderly mother and is caring towards the prisoners, although has a strained relationship with her mother, which sometimes turns abusive. She tries to seduce various male officers without much success: starting with Dominic McAllister (Joe Shaw), then moving on to Josh Mitchell (Nathan Constance), marrying Neil Grayling (James Gaddas) despite him being gay, Mark Waddle (Paul Opacic), Barry Pearce (Andrew Lancel) and finally marrying Jim Fenner (Jack Ellis). While Di is more sympathetic and moral than Fenner, she has a dark side to her personality, especially when it comes to the men she wants. When Fenner is murdered in Series 7, Di is prime suspect following their messy divorce.