Sentence Twelve months for persistent shoplifting. She was later returned to Larkhall after being found guilty of harbouring escapees Shell and Denny.

Background Born in Brixton and brought up by her single mum. Has two sisters and a brother, all with different fathers. Married to Josh Mitchell with who she has a daughter, Zandra.

Profile Crystal is the moralist on G-Wing. As a devout Christian, she takes a critical view of her fellow inmates. She believes the prison regime is too soft and disapproves of the officers' inability to eliminate illicit drugs.

Crystal can be self-righteous and totally blind to her own self-contradictions. Her initial strategy for survival in Larkhall was to keep her distance from the other inmates. However, although she takes care to hide her emotions, at heart she can be a kind and caring person.

Disgusted by her mother's sexual promiscuity, Crystal has decided to save herself for the man of her dreams. Josh is just the man to unleash her romantic side.

Last seen... Driving off into the sunset with Josh and baby Zandra after successfully completing her sentence (s4ep14