Officer (Basic).

Background Born into a 'problem' family but managed to escape the sink estate he was born into by joining the Prison Service. Has an ex-wife, Marie, who lives in Newcastle with their son, Billy.

Profile Colin has had a problem with heroin since his marriage ended. He was devastated when his wife left him and hasn't had a successful relationship since. He's very wary of women, preferring to trust only himself.

Colin feels that somewhere his life has taken a wrong turn and in moments of weakness or stress he turns to his only constant, heroin. He is able to function normally and holds down a job but has black moods of despair and self-loathing when he feels life is barely worth living.

Underneath his reserve, Colin is good-hearted and generous. But he's also damaged and vulnerable and has a tendency to get emotionally involved.

Last seen...

Being dragged away from G-Wing after head-butting the Catholic Priest who abused Pat (s7ep6).le here!