Sentence Five years for fraud. She and Phyl sold shares in a non-existent Costa del Sol golf course and ran bogus charities in aid of Spanish orphans.

Background Raised in Cheshire, the daughter of a prominent local businessman and Tory councillor. Her husband was a wealthy art dealer who eventually died of alcohol poisoning having gambled away the contents of their joint account.

Profile The arty half of the 'Costa Cons', Bev is quite accomplished as an artist and provides the softer, deeper, and more bohemian side of the partnership. Just like Phyl, Bev is capable of selling ice to the Eskimos. Having always lived the life of the idle-rich, she has no qualms about conning even the most vulnerable - it's not her fault that they're too stupid to know any better and anyway, how else is she supposed to support the lifestyle to which she's become accustomed?

Bev and Phyl present themselves as 'good old girls', but they're ruthlessly self-interested and fiercely loyal to each other. Their redeeming features are that they're good fun (if you're not the butt of their scams or pranks) and they won't stand for senseless brutality.

Bev does have somewhat of an addictive personality and she'll do anything for her daily dose of booze or drugs. This crafty woman has no shortage of tricks up her sleeve to get what she wants.

Last seen... Celebrating Christmas with her fellow inmates on G-Wing (s8ep11).