Sentence Thirty months for GBH and handling stolen goods. Later sentenced to life imprisonment for Virginia's murder.

Background Originally from Glasgow, Al escaped her abusive father and moved to London where she formed the Peckham Boot Gang with sisters Maxi and Tina Purvis.

Profile Quick with her mouth and her fists, Al walks around with her violent temper on a constant hair-trigger. She is incredibly paranoid. If she walks into a room and hears laughter, she always assumes that it's directed at her and retribution is always quick to follow.

Before her dramatic fall from grace, Al hero-worshipped Maxi Purvis, and without her keeping Al on the boil, a softer side was revealed and, with the help of her new friends, she began to confront the demons left over from her childhood. Her temper never completely deserted her though, and neither has her fondness for the occasional spot of bullying.

Last seen... Lying dead on the floor of the four-bed dorm after oxalic poisoning caused her to choke on her vomit (s6ep6).